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The Collège considers each application with great care. Find out more about the selection criteria and the application process for the Collège des Ingénieurs in Turin here.


Application for the MBA Programme or Science and Management Programme

The application procedures are the same for the MBA programme and the Science and Management programme (combining the MBA with your PhD).

The MBA programme starts in January, May, or September. Send your application until August 18, 2024, to start the programme with the January 2025 intake.

Our Science and Management programme (SaM) has one class per year starting in February. For the Science and Management programme, the time of your application depends on the timing of your PhD:

  • If your PhD will last three years, you can apply for the Science and Management programme right at the beginning of your PhD programme in order to start the SaM programme during the first year of your PhD.
  • If your PhD will last four years, you can apply for the Science and Management programme until the second year of your PhD programme in order to start the SaM programme during the first or second year of your PhD.

The final application deadline for a start in the coming year is October 15 of the current year.

The applications for both programmes are submitted through the same link below. We do not accept CV applications via email.

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Application Deadlines

MBA Programme

January 2025 Intake

August (2024)

Science and Management Programme

February (the year depends on your PhD timing)


Ready to get started?

The Application Process


Send your application


Screening by the CDI selection committee


Invitation to online logic test


Online interview


Group assessment in presence


Final decision of the CDI selection committee


Start of the MBA programme

Requirements for Candidates

MBA Programme

To be eligible for our programme, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Master's degree in a STEM discipline or business/economics or similar.
  • Full marks in the degree, with the master's grade equal to or greater than 105/110 (or equivalent for candidates from foreign universities).
  • During the selection process, demonstrate English proficiency at a minimum level of B2 - European Framework. While language certifications are not mandatory, they are considered a plus.
  • 0 to 3 years of work experience at the time of application. Only full-time positions are considered, excluding, for example, PhD years and any internships/project contracts.
  • At least one relevant international experience (study, work, volunteering, etc.).
  • Specific soft skills (e.g., leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, persuasion, etc.) through academic or work experiences.
  • Proficiency in Italian at a level higher than A2 - European Framework is a plus.

Science & Management programme

(combining MBA with your PhD)

The main requirements for the Science and Management programme are the same as for the MBA, with the addition of being accepted into a university's PhD programme. At the time of the programme start, you are either in the first (in the case of a 3 or 4-year PhD) or second year (in case of a 4-year PhD) of your PhD programme.

Because of our partnership with Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, PhD candidates coming from that university follow a specific application process for Science & Management. Please find more information here.

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