Network of Alumni

Our Alumni network is a lifelong community that supports your professional and personal development. It has grown to more than 2,800 Alumni since the Collège was founded in 1986 and is a cornerstone of the MBA experience.

CDI Fellows

More than 2,800 CDI Alumni Worldwide

The graduates of the Collège des Ingénieurs form an exceptional network of senior and top managers around the world. Most hold high positions in major European companies, prove themselves as leaders in international corporations, take over political responsibility, or drive innovation as entrepreneurs in their own startups.

Networking between the Alumni and the current Fellows is ensured right from the beginning of the MBA programme. As experienced business professionals, many Alumni coach and mentor our current Fellows. They are actively involved in numerous initiatives, such as admission juries, company missions, speed dating events at CDI for career orientation, and workshops.

Within this excellent network, our Alumni share best practices as leaders, discuss their next career steps and any associated questions, and talk about how to deal with new career challenges. And naturally, many high-ranking jobs circulate within the community.

The close links in the network are reflected in local groups in ten European cities, numerous initiatives, and Alumni associations:

  • Associazione Alumni CDI in Italy
    Founded in 2011, the association represents a network of over 200 members and promotes networking, training, and continuous development activities.
  • CDI Alumni Deutschland e.V.
    CDI Alumni Deutschland e.V. organizes and supports events that promote the exchange of experience and international understanding in Europe. Composed of CDI Alumni, it promotes the exchange of experiences with entrepreneurs and managers through fireside chats, company tours, and professional discussions.
CDI Network Europe

Some Success Stories of Our Alumni


François Jackow: CEO @Air Liquide

François Jackow (CDI 1993) was appointed CEO of Air Liquide, one of the top 40 stock market companies in France, in June 2022. His academic journey includes studies at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and a master’s degree in chemistry from Harvard University. By 2007, he had taken on the role of President and CEO of Air Liquide Japan based in Tokyo.

Lars Wagner: CEO @MTU Aero Engines AG

Just 20 years after graduating from the Collège des Ingénieurs, Lars Wagner (CDI 2003) has ascended to CEO of MTU Aero Engines AG, one of the top 40 German stock market companies. Before that, he had already been a member of the Executive Board since January 2018 and was Head of Technology. He started his career at Airbus.
Lars is actively contributing to the CDI Alumni network. He has been the president of the German Alumni Association during its foundational years.


Elisabeth Borne: French Prime Minister

Elisabeth Borne (CDI 1987) served as the French Prime Minister from May 2022 to January 2024. Before this, she held significant ministerial roles in France, including Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration and Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition. Also, she has been CEO of RATP, the public transport operator in Paris. She graduated from École nationale des ponts et chaussées and École polytechnique.

John de Souza: Co-Founder and President @Ample

John de Souza (CDI 1995) co-founded Ample in 2014, focusing on a system that allows electric vehicle batteries to be swapped quickly. Only seven years later, this innovation led to a $30 million investment from notable firms, elevating Ample to unicorn status. A key partnership between Ample and Uber aims to bring this technology to major European cities, supporting Uber’s initiative to electrify urban transportation by 2025. Also, he cooperates with Fiat in Spain and Daimler Trucks in Japan.


Amelie Schoenenwald: ESA astronaut reserve

Amelie Schoenenwald (CDI 2021) was appointed to the European Space Agency's (ESA) astronaut reserve in 2022, distinguishing herself among more than 22,500 applicants. Her academic background spans molecular and industrial biotechnology and biochemistry and a PhD in structural biology, virology, and immunology. Today, she works in the strategy department of an international pharmaceutical company. In 2022, she was elected President of the German Alumni Association.

Jean-Charles Samuelian: Founder & CEO @ALAN

Jean-Charles Samuelian (CDI 2011) has quickly become a standout figure in the tech industry by founding his own startup, Alan. Within just ten years, his company achieved unicorn status, with a fundraising round of €185 million, bringing its total valuation to €1.4 billion in April 2021. Alan is a health insurance startup aimed at simplifying healthcare through innovative digital solutions.