Actuary Diploma

Accredited by l'Institut des Actuaires, the Collège des Ingénieurs allows certain participants of the MBA programme to become actuaries who will be recognised experts in risk quantification.


Actuary Diploma and MBA

Actuaries are business professionals who apply mathematics to financial problems. Actuaries use their specialised knowledge of financial mathematics, statistics, and risk theory to solve the specific problems of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, banks, and large groups that deal with high-risk exposure.

The actuary has historically worked in a technical direction in order to price insurance or financial products. The dual actuarial–MBA education at the Collège allows the participant to evolve towards broader responsibilities in business development – in marketing teams so that they can devise offers, for example.

The Collège des Ingénieurs is one of the educational institutes recognised by l'Institut des Actuaires. More information can be found at their website.

notable alumni


Bruno Angles

CDI 1990

Directeur général @ AG2R La Mondiale



Anne-Christine Champion

CDI 2002

Co-Head of Global Banking & Investor Solutions @ Société Générale



Frédéric de Courtois

CDI 1991

Group Deputy CEO @ AXA



Grégory Erphelin

CDI 2001

Directeur général @ Fédération nationale du Crédit Agricole



Mohamed Kallala

CDI 1993

Global Head @ Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking



Serge Magdeleine

CDI 1996

Directeur général @ LCL



Jean-Charles Samuelian

CDI 2011

Co-Founder & CEO @ Alan