Lectures held by world-class academics provide our Fellows with a cutting-edge education in the field of management.

CDI Munich

Professors from the Most Renowned Universities Teach at the Collège

As far as the theoretical part of management training is concerned, professors from the most renowned universities and business schools teach our Fellows. They come from outstanding institutions: EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, St. Gallen, Harvard University, Northwestern, INSEAD, Sorbonne Université, the Max Planck Institute, LMU, Politecnico di Torino, SDA Bocconi, and more.

Part of the education is delivered by business professionals, executives, and trainers. They help our Fellows develop professional behaviour, practice leadership skills, or work on businesses in a digital world.

andornino giovanni

Prof. Giovanni Andornino

Professor @Università degli Studi di Torino
Course: Geopolitics

baratte herve

Dr. Hervé Baratte

Executive Consultant
Course: Innovation Management

CDI Paris

Prof. Giuseppe Bertola

Professor @Università degli Studi di Torino
Course: Macroeconomics

bertoldi bernardo

Prof. Bernardo Bertoldi

Professor @Università degli Studi di Torino, Founder
Course: The Board of Directors

bertoneche marc

Prof. (emeritus) Marc Bertoneche

Professor (emeritus) @Harvard Business School
Course: Valuation Restructuring

boutellier roman

Prof. (emeritus) Roman Boutellier

Professor (emeritus) @ETH Zurich
Course: Innovation and Technology Management

branca stefano

Prof. Stefano Branca

Expert in Strategy, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
Course: Financel Modelling


Lucio Caracciolo

Journalist, Essayist, Specialist in Geopolitics
Course: Hegemonic Transition

cavalli virgine

Virginie Cavalli

Deputy Group HR VP @Air Liquide
Course: Human Ressources

cerbone marianna

Marianna Cerbone

Course: Public Speaking

crestani marianna

Marianna Amy Crestani

Coach, Partner @tco international
Course: Leadership

demarco alberto

Prof. Alberto De Marco

Professor @Politecnico di Torino
Course: Project Management

degliinnocenti edoardo

Edoardo Degli Innocenti

Expert in AI and Blockchain, Founder
Course: Digital Transformation

duhamel patrice

Patrice Duhamel

Media Executive, Author
Course: Media

eggart daniel

Dr. Daniel Eggart

Professional in Strategy and Digitalization
Course: Applied Data Analytics

fendt jacqueline

Prof. Jaqueline Fendt

Expert in Accelerating Innovation Processes, Investor
Course: Design Thinking

georges patrick

Dr. Patrick Georges

Expert in Efficiency and Leadership Skills, Neurosurgeon and Lecturer
Course: Organisation and Performance

gerard patrick

Prof. Patrick Gérard

Senior Civil Servant, State Councillor, and former ENA Director
Course: Functioning of the Administration

ghibaudo cristiano

Cristiano Ghibaudo

Course: Coaching

graf buerk arko

Dr. Arko Graf-Bürk

Professional in Transformation and Innovation
Course: Applied Data Analytics

gruber marc

Prof. Marc Gruber

Professor @EPF Lausanne
Course: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


Prof. Jean-François Guillemin

Business Lawyer
Course: Introduction to Business Law

hallowell roger

Prof. Roger Hallowell

Professor @Duke University, HEC Paris, DTU Copenhagen
Course: Management of Services

harhoff dietmar

Prof. Dietmar Harhoff

Professor @Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Course: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

helwaser pascal

Pascal Helwaser

Magistrate at the Court of Auditors, Economist
Course: Economics

hilpert ditmar

Prof. (emeritus) Ditmar Hilpert

Professor (emeritus) @ESB Business School
Course: Strategy Processes

hofmann christian

Prof. Christian Hofmann

Professor @Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Course: Management Accounting

irion amelia

Amelia Irion

Vice President Human Resources @Air Liquide
Course: Human Ressources

jacquet dominique

Prof. Dominique Jacquet

Professor @INSEAD and HEC Montréal
Course: Corporate Finance

kristiansen jimmi

Prof. Jimmi Normann Kristiansen

Professor @Aalborg University Business School
Course: Innovation Management

Antoine Lainé

Expert in Financial Management
Course: Introduction to Financial Management

lambillon claire

Claire Lambillon

Consultant and Trainer in Interpersonal Communication
Course: Communication

lincker frederic

Fréderic Lincker

Trainer and Professional Coach
Course: Sales

lyon paul

Paul Lyon

Marketing Expert with Engineering Background
Course: International Marketing

lyoncaen antoine

Prof. Antoine Lyon-Caen

Law Professor focusing on Multinational Cooperations and Constitutionalisation
Course: Social Law


Sebastian Maciejewski

Senior Professional in Private Equity, Investor
Course: Private Equity

micheloni marcello

Marcello Micheloni

Expert for Digital Products
Course: Digital Transformation

miraton didier

Didier Miraton

Executive (emeritus), Investor
Course: Mastering Interprocesses in Industrial Companies

moriau filip

Filip Moriau

Consultant in Innovation and Agility
Course: Sales in Digital Era

pelissiedurausas matthieu

Matthieu Pélissié du Rausas

Executive Consultant, former McKinsey Partner
Course: Strategy

pomerol jean-charles

Prof. Jean-Charles Pomerol

Former President @Sorbonne Université
Course: Decision Analysis

rafele carlo

Prof. (emeritus) Carlo Rafele

Professor @Politecnico di Torino
Course: Project Management

rana yadvinder

Yadvinder S. Rana

Expert in M&A Negotiation
Course: Negotiation and Intercultural Management

rockinger michael

Prof. Michael Rockinger

Professor @HEC Lausanne
Course: International Investments

rousseau silvain

Sylvain Rousseau

Founder (company applying actuarial techniques to HR and social protection issues)
Course: Social Commitment

saias maurice

Prof. Maurice Saias

Professor (emeritus) @Université d'Aix en Provence
Course: Strategy

schaller michael

Michael Schaller

Coach, Theater Actor (Vitamin T)
Course: Communication

schmitt achim

Prof. Achim Schmitt

Dean @EHL Business School
Course: Strategy

thevenet maurice

Prof. Maurice Thévenet

Professor @ESSEC Business School
Course: Leadership

truant elisa

Prof. Elisa Truant

Professor @Università degli Studi di Torino
Course: Principles of Accounting

vadel claude

Claude Vadel

Executive Coach
Course: Communication

van de water els

Els Van de Water

Expert in HR Strategy and Transformation
Course: Human Ressources

wetenkamp baerbel

Bärbel Wetenkamp

Executive Coach
Course: Career Development

wiedenbrueg ricardo

Ricardo Wiedenbrüg

Executive Coach
Course: Career Development

zotteri giulio

Prof. Giulio Zotteri

Professor @Politecnico di Torino
Course: Marketing