Summer Schools

Explore our summer schools, combining innovation workshops, expert talks, and real business cases for immersive learning in diverse fields.

CDI Munich

Summer Schools by Collège des Ingénieurs

The Collège summer schools expand the MBA curriculum, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. Conducted in collaboration with renowned partner institutions and senior academics, our Fellows engage in real business cases, working closely with their peer group, and fostering a collaborative and immersive learning environment to bring new ideas to the market.



During this 20-week collaborative innovation program, the Fellows tackle challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals together with PhDs from leading European universities, enabling institutions, companies, and diverse stakeholders to work towards a shared objective of building a sustainable future for Europe.

Brain to Market

The Brain to Market summer school works in cooperation with the Brain Institute (ICM) in Paris and aims to make a real difference for patients, their families, caregivers, and doctors.

CDI Summerschool
CDI Munich

Venture Lab

Over a period of five to six months, our Fellows are prepared to think and act as entrepreneurs or even intrapreneurs, as entrepreneurial activity is becoming more and more important also in large corporations.