Corporate Advisory

Together with our partners, we are creating innovation pathways and enable them to tackle their individual challenges through tech, process, and market innovation across industry sectors.

Corporate Advisory Sectors and Pillars
Corporate Advisory

Implement Innovative Strategies

We collaborate closely with our partners to develop and implement innovative strategies that encompass market, technology, and process dimensions.

Launched in Turin in 2016 as a corporate innovation consortium by CDI and leading industrial groups from the automotive, energy, and infrastructure industry, we have grown into a European player with over 50 ecosystem partners globally. Our activities cover the wide spectrum of open innovation, taking into account the diverse needs of startups, scaleups, institutions, and corporates that trust us with their innovation journey.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Innovation in established businesses can be a long, time-consuming and resource-intensive process. By streamlining the access of corporates to new solutions developed by startups, giving insights on innovation trends,  providing access to an international network of partners, and creating tailor-made innovation pathways and programmes, we reduce the risk of innovation and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

Through our unique approach of working with our partners as a team and understanding the specific needs of each of them, we support our partners in fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations and beyond, enabling new processes, business models, and services to come to life.

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory

Collective and Sustainable Growth

Through our excellence, innovation, and impact approach, we are committed to fostering an innovation ecosystem that promotes collective and sustainable growth.

We always strive to provide our partners with tailor made programmes, built around their needs. To achieve this, we blend different parts of our methodologies and tools and leverage our network to arrive at the best result.



Scouting and screening of tech from startups, spin-offs, and research projects to find the best fit with partners' challenges

strategic thinking


Designing, supporting, and boosting processes and tools for innovative management - globally and locally

mid sizes family businesses


Assessing market trends for the development of new business lines, market verticals, and value chains

Our Team

Corporate Advisory

Alissa Bauer

MBA Class 2022

Energy transition
European collaboration

Corporate Advisory Piera

Piera Della Porta

MBA Class 2017

Partnership & collaboration
Innovation strategy

Corporate Advisory Gianluca

Gianluca Gariani

MBA Class 2022

Research & development
Partnership development

Corporate Advisory Anna

Anna Bosco

MBA Class every year

MBA management

Corporate Advisory Giulia

Giulia Maria Canavesi

MBA Class 2022

Talent development
Recruiting & selection

Corporate Advisory Erika

Erika Vaniglia

MBA Class 2011

Digital transformation
Ecosystem growth
Business strategy

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory
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Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory