Masterclass: Sophie Guieysse


We are now in the client centric era and the big players now are data, internet, AI and platforms, which are sustaining the B2C transformation we are witnessing.

Sophie Guieysse, Group EVP Human Resources at Richmont, stimulated a great reflection among the fellows, suggesting that today the young generation has to sustain this kind of creative destruction, challenging the system to act rapidly with a growth mindset.

But what do creative industries look for in a candidate? Of course personality is essential, together with leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from this, there are also other competencies that could be a boost, like client marketing, technical skills on social media, understanding the tools for targeting the right communities, and supply chain knowledge.

The digital tools are transforming all the functions and covid-19 is working as an accelerator in this sense giving the availability of reaching a more global talent pool, enhancing employee centricity and reinforcing the global mindset.

Last question was about how can we stand out of the crowd as CDI fellows: believe in network, believe in choosing your boss, dare to propose ideas to top management, in a nutshell “Think big think far”.

Thank you Sophie!

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