Masterclass: Maurizio Scanavino


“Facebook, Amazon, Google can be very strong partners to get new subscribers and deliver content, but how do they distribute the revenues to the system?”

During this year CDI fellows had the chance to reflect upon the digital transformation in media industry with Maurizio Scanavino, CEO of GEDI Publishing Group.

He found himself in one of the sectors most affected by the digital disruption started in 1997 and had to adapt his approach in order to stand out in this new era for media.

One of the greatest challenges is how to relate to social media and news. The business model has to be stable and the disruption has to be controlled. When asked for the KPI used to evaluate journalists Maurizio said quality journalism is the mission. The focus cannot be only business; even if gossip articles are more read and provide more views, the mission media have is to inform the masses.

Last but not least, the fellows wanted a view on the engineer figure: what can the engineer figure bring to the media business? According to Mr. Scanavino, Engineers are really good at rationalizing problems and develop a good approach that makes them top players in planning and writing scenarios. To complete and adapt the engineer figure he suggests not to forget also soft-skills and try to be creative and disruptive sticking less to reality and numbers.

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