Masterclass: Marcello Laviani


“Safety should be the number one priority, in any project”.

A precious insight from the talk that our fellows had today with Marcello Laviani, Head of Construction at Enel Green Power. He shared his experiences about the mistakes that were made during the different projects he managed in his career and the related lessons learnt. He stressed the danger of caring only about the economic and technical feasibility of a project, leaving out safety concerns. Not assessing the whole picture may provide inaccurate data which potentially leads to the wrong decision.

As a project manager, the safety of everyone working on the project is your responsibility. The ‘quick and risky’ delivery of projects at the expense of workers’ safety is no more acceptable. Mistakes can happen and admitting them instead of playing 'the blame game' is essential to gain all the stakeholders’ trust and support.  

Furthermore, he pointed out that there is also a need to be transparent with local authorities, especially when undertaking such well publicised construction work in order to allow them to manage the concerns of their local community.  

Thank you Marcello for your great contribution.

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