Masterclass: Francesco Magro


The fellows had the pleasure to welcome and have a chat with Francesco Magro, CEO of Winelivery, the first italian delivery service for wine and drinks.

The history of Francesco is one of those you would be proud of telling to your nephews: he wanted to be a radio speaker, but happened to work for a spin-off startup of his university. Here he learnt from the inside the rules of the game, and this will be of major help with Winelivery.

“You have to face a great amount of challenges and problems, otherwise you are not playing”.

One of them was clearly to build a trusted brand and they understood that apart from the well-known digital ads, Television has been so important to build trust and gain more mature customers. The drink producers became so interested that some are using the app to get consumers trends and launch layout tests for new products for examples.

His background was never the game changer, it was his attitude. He highlighted a moment in which he bet everything he had on the startup, without any guarantee of success. Winelivery has nowadays incredible statistics: it has one the highest growth rate in Italy but also one of the highest number of board members.

Thank you Francesco for putting yourself so much in the game with us!

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