Masterclass: Ernesto Ciorra


“Open Innovability = Innovation + Sustainability + Humbleness”.  

With these words Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer of Enel, introduced to the fellow of CDI MBA the Enel’s shift toward digitalization, which eventually consolidated its worldwide leadership in the renewables market.

People change, but are Corporations keen to do the same?

Corporations should entail in their backbone the Apoptosis process: get rid of bias, be ready to programmatically kill the old businesses (analog) and embrace the new ones (digital). Innovation must become an inner and sustainable process within the organization, instead of a scary Necrosis to avoid at all costs.

But Innovability cannot be a standalone, endogenous process. It must be Open.  

For the consolidation of innovation beyond catchy slogans, corporations need to have the humbleness to embrace challenges and opportunities arising from the external world, overcoming any boundary. With this mindset, Enel opened a startup scouting and funding campaign that eventually led to the launch of several companies, with mutual benefits and reciprocal empowerment.  

The main takeaway for Fellows is that impact leaders of the future are expected to be open to changes, to contamination, to be INNOVABLES.  

Thank you Ernesto!

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