Masterclass and testimonials in the second quarter of 2023


Over the past months, several masterclasses were hosted at the Italian headquarters of Collège des Ingénieurs, located in Fondazione Agnelli.

These events have created a network for renowned figures to share their invaluable insights, experiences and expertise with the participants, leaving them motivated, inspired, and eager to take on new challenges.  

In April, Marsiaj Massimiliano, Executive Vice President of Sabelt, gave us a testimonial during the course of Strategic Decision Making at the Board Level held by professor Bernardo Bertoldi. His masterclass focused on new industry trends and how decisions are taken at board level. 

Then in the following days Bogdan Nikkar, IT International Senior Manager in Boeing, had an inspiring talk concerning leadership management and challenges had in his industry.

Our fellows had the chance to talk with Gerrit Marx, CEO of Iveco Group, who shed light on the importance of defining a company's values and guiding principles. Marx's background is in the world of consultancy, private equity and mobility industry: now is leading one of the main and biggest players in the industrial vehicles sector. He engaged in profound dialogues about finding the delicate balance between personal values and the need to remain open-minded to seize opportunities.

Francesca Protano, Managing Director of CNH Industrial Ventures, offered valuable insights into the world of mergers and acquisitions and new investments. Her talk emphasized the significance of bravery and the opportunities that arise from embracing new technologies. Protano encouraged the audience to take risks and step out of their comfort zones, as doing so can lead to exploring uncharted territories in their careers.  

Sustainability emerged as a prominent theme during the masterclass led by Ercole Botto Poala, CEO of Successori Reda. Botto Poala shared invaluable insights about his company's journey towards sustainability and the steps taken to achieve environmental responsibility and create a positive social impact. The experience was truly eye-opening for the CDI fellows, providing them with a deeper understanding of how to effectively integrate sustainability into business practices.  

Furthermore, the masterclass featuring Pietro Puglisi, Ciro Spedaliere, and Michael Hodges, Partners of Claris Ventures, provided the CDI fellows with a comprehensive outlook on venture creation and early-stage investing in the Italian and international biotech landscape. Their enlightening speech delved into the industry's challenges, potential for innovation, and avenues for growth.  

Last but certainly not least, Stefano Buscaglia, the CEO of LINKS Foundation, took the CDI fellows on an insightful journey through the dynamic Turin regional and international innovation ecosystem. Moreover, he shared effective strategies to bridge the gap between academia and the practical demands of the market, emphasizing the importance of applied research.  

The masterclasses have proven to be instrumental in nurturing the talents of CDI fellows, equipping them with a wide array of knowledge and innovative perspectives: CDI Italia is proud and grateful to keep and renew such connections of excellence with industry leaders so that its fellows can have a tangible impact in the future.

As Collège des Ingénieurs continues its mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities, participants eagerly await further transformative experiences in the future.

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