Innovation 4 Change Demo Day 2022

This year's winner was Team Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano, with their Greensect waste processing system. Second place went to Team UNICRI, while third place was shared by Team Movyon and Team CNH Industrial.

After five months of work that saw the 10 teams explore challenges brought by multinational corporations and institutions, the participants gathered at Turin's Valentino Castle to present their solutions to an audience of executives and representatives from partner companies.

The program is based on a multidisciplinary approach, in which MBA participants from the Collège des Ingénieurs found themselves working in teams with PhDs from top European universities, including the Polytechnic of Turin, CERN, Scuola Normale Superiore, UPC Barcelona, and EPFL Lausanne. These teams have also been joined by storytellers from Holden, the storytelling school founded by Alessandro Bariccò.

In addition to Exor, the program was supported by Scuola Holden, Fondazione Agnelli, Arduino, and GreenPea. Innovation4Change is possible thanks to the companies and institutions that decide to bring their challenges. The program aims to respond, with concrete and innovative solutions, to some of the most relevant challenges affecting our planet. Each challenge has a real problem at its core and is strongly supported by a partner institution that helps the talented participants promote its impact.


What they say about I4C

  • Enrico Giovannini - Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility - “Our Ministry is committed towards using innovation as an instrument for change for the entire world, together with the young talents of I4C.”
  • Fabiola Gianotti - Director General of CERN - “I4C is an example of excellence for collaboration between science, industry and talent.”
  • John Elkann - Board Member of CDI and President of Fondazione Agnelli and CEO of Exor - "I4C combines educational objectives with an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability, to solve problems of social interest and with a view that embraces the entire world, thanks to the collaboration with CERN: we are happy to support this initiative, which is fully in line with Exor's ESG policy."
  • Guido Saracco - Rector of Politecnico di Torino - “I4C will be the the excellence program for the best of our PhDs to have a real experience of an European industrial challenge.”

In this year's edition we saw very interesting topics: Grimaldi and Ferrovie dello Stato brought challenges focused on reuse and waste management. Snam and TELT, on the other hand, focused on how to preserve the environment during the construction of infrastructure. Movyon - Gruppo Autostrade per l’Italia and the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility brought challenges related to making the way we move more sustainable. CNH Industrial focused on the welfare of workers in agricultural fields, while DSM focused on the welfare of animals on livestock farms. Rai Way brought a challenge on the interaction between television and the gaming world, and finally UNICRI proposed a challenge on combating child exploitation and abuse online.

Each team developed a project to solve their challenge while having a measurable impact that married a strategy over a 20-week development timeframe, 20-month market entry strategy and 20-year vision and long-term impact.

The jury evaluating the file was the following

TELT - Manuela Rocca - VP Sustainable Development
CNH industrial - Rosella Risso - VP Global Head Parts & Services
Unione Industriale - Guido Ceresole - Head of Technology, Research & Innovation
DSM - Maik Kindermann - Director of Innovation
FSI - Franco Stivali - Director of Innovation
CDI - Maurizio Prete - Senior Advisor
Fondazione Agnelli - Andrea Gavosto - Managing Director
Snam - Lorenza Barsanti - Sustainability Manager
Grimaldi - Andrea d'Ambra - Manager, Energy Saving Department
Movyon - Lorenzo Rossi - CEO

A big thank to all the teams, sponsor and staff for their work in the past 4 months!

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