Masterclass: Federico Faggin


Comparisons between human intelligence and machine intelligence, ethical implications of study consciousness and digitalization of emotions were only few of the many and interesting topics tackled by the Collège Des Ingénieurs Italia MBA program fellows together with Federico Faggin.

Andrea Vinelli operations supply chain management professor at University of Padova introduced mr. Faggin as a person that “changed our lives and the world, being the one who invented the microprocessor”.

Born in Vicenza in 1941 Federico Faggin enlightened the discussion telling the story of his life and speaking of his book "Silicio: dall'invenzione del microprocessore alla nuova scienza della consapevolezza"; the scientist and entrepreneur shared his experience made of challenges, passion and creativity, from his innovative work at Olivetti and STMicroelectronics to the foundation of the "Federico and Elvia Faggin foundation", supporting the scientific study of consciousness at universities and research institutes.

The online meeting saw a vibrant and dynamic participation from all of the young participants, creating an open and lively debate.

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