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A partire da Lunedì 1 marzo e fino a mercoledì 31 marzo 2021, sarà possibile inviare la propria candidatura per la trentaseiesima edizione del programma MBA Collège des Ingénieurs Italia - Intake Settembre 2021.

The fellows had the pleasure to welcome and have a chat with Francesco Magro, CEO of Winelivery, the first italian delivery service for wine and drinks.

The history of Francesco is one of those you would be proud of telling to your nephews:

The fellows had recently the pleasure to welcome Elena Bonetti, Minister of equal opportunities and family and have a meaningful chat about #STEM disciplines and women.

The fellows had recently the pleasure to discuss with Professor Tito Boeri the impact of Covid-19 on existing jobs and social clusters.

The discussion was on safest jobs and double risks jobs,

We are now in the client centric era and the big players now are data, internet, AI and platforms, which are sustaining the B2C transformation we are witnessing.

Sophie Guieysse, Group EVP Human Resources at Richmont, stimulated a great reflection among the fellows, suggesting that