Masterclass with Corrado Passera: The Future of Banking

Corrado Passera presents illimity @CDI Collège des Ingénieurs

Corrado Passera presenta la sua illimity ai fellows

On September 23rd, Corrado Passera, founder and CEO of illimity bank, held a masterclass at the Collège in Turin and gave our fellows extraordinary insights into his career.

By retracing main steps of his work experience ranging from his multiple assignments at leading companies, his role in the Italian government as Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and Minister for Economic Development to the founding of illimity, a pioneer in the banking world, Passera introduced our Fellows to leadership in an economic sector shaped by technological innovation. As the first Italian cloud-native bank, illimity's concept is based on human intelligence and truly integrated digital technologies. The bank specializes in credit for SMEs and as an operator in Corporate NPLs.

»Sometimes everything in a sector changes as it happened in the banking sector. This involves great risks for traditional banks who do not adapt, but it also offers great opportunities if you decide to embrace new models without hesitation.«

During his Masterclass at the Collège des Ingénieurs Italy, Passera illustrated the fundamental elements needed to create a successful startup. In particular, he mentioned the importance of a business plan strongly characterized by innovative elements and the need to identify underserved markets. Finally, he outlined the necessity to create competitive advantages within a project which are retainable in the medium to long term.

At the Collège, we strongly believe that our Fellows profit from encounters with CEOs and Entrepreneurs and retain valuable insights into the business world that will help them shape their prospective careers and meet future professional challenges. Leadership in business today involves aiming towards continuous improvement.

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