CDI Sailing Challenge 2019 goes Mallorca

From Palma along Mallorca's coast

During this year's CDI Sailing challenge our new alumni extended their MBA-experience and explored the Balearic Islands. With three boats, the 34 graduates from Italy, France and Germany launched near Palma, Mallorca, sailing and growing as a team and as a crew. Together they successfully adapted to changing weather conditions, managed tricky supply runs and explored beaches, bays and cliffs along the coast.

Extracts from the Logbook of fellow sailers Katharina Lowinski and Maximilian Raabe tell the story of a dramatic man overboard rescue on the third day.

Logbook: Position 39.5384773, 2.3604502, Heading from Bay Cala de Santa Ponca to Port Andratx

After deciding to sail for Port Andtrax to get supplies for dinner - the Italians wanted to amaze us with fresh Tuna for everyone - and for some others to take the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach, we set off towards the island. Everything was going smoothly, with most of the crew enjoying the journey on deck when suddenly we heard someone cry out: “Oh no sunscreen overboard!” Faced with what would have been a tragic loss we sprang into action! Headsail down and engine on, we began searching for the lost bottle. "I have it!” someone shouted but it was just something swimming in the sea. Bumbling around for another couple of minutes, we did not want to give up but had to finally accept this significant loss. How difficult would it have been to recover a person when even with best weather and almost no waves we couldn't find our missing sunscreen? We decided to train for future casualties and performed the man overboard manoeuvre again with a buoy in the water. This time we executed the manoeuvre way more controlled and we got the buoy back fast. So we ended the day not only with great Italian cuisine but also with valuable sailing experience.

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