SAFM officially becomes CDI Italia

Scuola di Alta Formazione al Management (SAFM) - founded in 2009 with the support of Fondazione Agnelli, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone and Fondazione Pirelli - after 8 years of continuous growth and important recognition, becomes fully part of Collège des Ingénieurs and officially changes its company name to Collège des Ingénieurs Italia (CDI Italia).

Collège des Ingénieurs is an independent institution founded in France in 1986 for post-graduate education dedicated to the development of managerial, entrepreneurial and business skills based in France Germany and Italy.

The choice to become part of an international network - among the top ones in Europe – allows Collège des Ingénieurs Italia to combine the distinctive skills and credibility gained during more than 8 years of bold collaboration with companies and institutions with a growth path built upon innovation and further enhancement of its training and consulting programs.

The transition to CDI Italia enhances its marked international vocation, in order to seize with strength and cohesion all the opportunities to develop the leaders of tomorrow, selected among the brightest young talents graduates in scientific and economic disciplines.

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