How Education@CDI benefits from digitalization and prepares us for the 21st century

This is how we see the future of education at CDI: World-class professors involving managers to apply methods to real business challenges. We combine the best of both, in-classroom teaching and digital learning units in small groups, across our 3 locations, involving the international Fellows community.

Prof. Achim Schmitt, Strategy Class Spring 2021: "We took advantage of Zoom and invited this year top managers, from European companies such as Infineon, Lufthansa, Bosch or Pininfarina and asked them in class about their current strategic challenges. So we focus on live problem solving during class. That's what the MBA is all about: applying concepts to real problems. It is a unique chance for the fellows to discuss with a CEO about his topics".

The CDI Fellows worked then on a strategy challenge set by two industry partners: Semiconductor Giant Infineon and GEDI Group, a leading media company in Italy. Live and team interaction with Mr. Schumacher, Chief Strategy Officer of Infineon and Mr. Scanavino, the CEO of GEDI, enabled the fellows to gain an understanding of challenges both industry face: how to use digitalization to create new business opportunities.

The use of flipped classroom concepts enhances the quality of classroom discussion. Fellows learned the basic strategy concepts before class, this prepares them for in-depth live discussion with their professor and top managers. Small working groups of 5 and up to 45 Fellows in a class are a guarantee for high interaction.


* (The photo was taken @CDI in 2020 and is symbolic. It does not show the class of Prof. Schmitt.)

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