Raphaëlle Eloy

Class @Collège: 

Following her education at the Sciences Po (1999-2003) and the École Nationale d’Administration (2004-2006), Raphaëlle Eloy began her career as an analyst at the French Treasury (Trésor). She then became the Chief of Staff to AXA before returning to Trésor as the Head of European affairs unit. Following a year in that position, she was sent to Hong Kong as the Head of the Economic depart for the French consulate.
She now works as a referendary counsellor at the Cour des Comptes: the supreme body for auditing the use of public funds in France. It is independent of the Government and Parliament. It has financial jurisdiction and is in charge of auditing, issuing rulings and certifying the State and Social Security accounts, as well as contributing to the evaluation of public policies.