Prof. Paul Fifield

Class @Collège: Marketing

Paul Fifield has been involved in developing and implementing Customer Strategy since 1980. Over the years he has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Aviation, Banking, Brewing, Business Services, Computing and Software, Construction, Domestic Appliances, Economic Development, Financial Services, Housing, Hotels and Catering, Online gaming, Publishing, Retailing, Telecommunications, Tourism, Utilities, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Web services and others. Paul has written widely on the subject.

Today the whole concept of “Marketing” has been devalued – it has come to be synonymous with Advertising and Promotion. Paul has never subscribed to this view, believing firmly that REAL Marketing is a strategic activity aimed simply at driving Customer Value to enable Premium Prices – and outstanding profits. It is a simple concept but not one that is easy to implement.

While Paul has the academic rigour expected, his forte is to take the theory and apply it only where necessary. Working with clients to create answers that work for them, sometimes outside the bounds of what's already known. Paul asks difficult questions that have a powerful effect. He is stimulating and challenging to work with, but provides value for money by pushing company strategies years ahead to where the market awaits.