The cornerstone of the Collège's MBA programme as it allows our Fellows to gain unique access to the best practices of world renowned business leaders.

Why is mentoring important at the Collège?

As with any high-level career, which seeks to achieve excellence in its results, tailored mentoring is essential for our Fellows in order to develop the skills needed for their future careers. 

As a result of the Collège’s Action Learning approach, the course consist of taught classes, the company mission, mastersclasses and innovation workshops (Entrepreneurship, Innovation for Change, Brain to Market, Venture Lab).

Mentoring sessions are essential so that all these different aspects of our MBA can work in harmony, be understood and used by each Fellow. This essential tool is what makes our programme so unique.

The two forms of mentoring at the Collège

Individual: Mainly to help each Fellow to move from an engineering perspective to that of an entrepreneur or manager, to prepare for the company mission interviews and to aim to position well, young professionals with high potential within the company mission as well as in the search for their first job.

Group: Group mentoring is carried out in small clusters during workshops such as entrepreneurship (presentation of business proof of concept) and business presentation (ability to speak eloquently and persuasively in order to convince a CEO of a large corporation about a business idea).