How to achieve more in-depth interviews and save time

Generally, fellows ask the following questions regarding a project proposal:

  1. Who are the managers they work for and who are the co-workers they work with on a project?
  2. What is the background and purpose of the project, and why is it important for the organization?
  3. Which are the objectives that shall be achieved at the end of the project?
  4. What is the location and mode of working (on-site vs online)?
  5. Where can they find further information on the company and the topic in order to prepare for the interview?
  6. Which are possible reference persons for this project in CDI-Network?

These pieces of information can be easily documented in written form.

If you want the fellows to get to know you, your department, and your company even better before the interview, uploading files is also possible. If you plan for interviewing several fellows or for participation in future matching processes, this might be beneficial as it will reduce the time you have to spend introducing yourself and your department over and over again.

This can be anything that might already be publicly available on the internet, like a short YouTube video or a podcast episode or simply a PowerPoint presentation, a PDF file, or even just a link to a web page with more details.

Custom-made audio recordings are particularly well suited: They are easy to produce and give the listener an authentic impression of the speaker. This could be done in a kind of interview format, for example. Please do not hesitate to approach us in case you're interested.