CDI MBA 35th edition: Partners & Missions

The 35th edition of the CDI MBA Program has finally started fully this January, as the new intake of eighteen young professionals has joined their peers who started last September.

As every year, our network of Partner companies expanded further, with some exciting additions. For this year, we welcome Angelini Holdings, Autostrade Tech, Capgemini, Doing, Fabrick, Fameccanica, Gedi and Sia to our network and look forward to establishing a long-lasting relationship with these new Partners.

The missions for this edition of the MBA Program are also as varied and as exciting as usual. Here are some of the projects our Fellows will have to manage:

Market Exploration

Exploration on real-estate market for glass products

CEO Assistant & PMO

Assisting CEO on internal business transformation
Project Manager Officer on plant development

Data Analyst Strategy

Analysis on consumer goods products

Technology Scouting

Technology scouting on infrastructure & security

Consulting Fintech Projects

Project Manager Officer on delivery of fintech projects
Project Manager Officer on coordination of M&A integration

Innovation Analyst

Analyst for innovation needs of partner companies

Customer Experience & Agile PMO

Coordinator of Digital CX projects in agriculture
Agile PMO on electric mobility projects

Consulting & Sales

Pre-sales activity on consulting projects

Investments & Financial Analyst

Analyst for investment opportunities
Analyst for ESG scopes
Sponsorship & Business Development
Sponsorship development in the fintech sector
Business development in the fintech sector

Business Development

Business development activities in the automation sector

Data Analyst Strategy & PMO

Analysis on digital media strategy
Project Manager Officer on internal business transformation

Market Exploration

Exploration of use cases in the semiconductor sector

PMO on IoT Data Project

Project Manager Officer on IoT developments

Innovation & PMO in Fashion

Project Manager Officer on productions process
Project Manager Officer on E-commerce developments

Open Innovation Analyst in Fintech

Analyst for coordinating innovation needs within the company

CEO Office & Supply Chain

Lean Specialist in the CEO Office
PMO for Supply Chain Projects