CDI sustains the Italian Economy:
the NOVAROUND Program

SMEs are incredibly valuable for the Italian economy, not only from a purely financial perspective, but also in terms of culture and impact on the territory. The story of our country is shaped by these firms, which have slowly grown, fusing with and moulding the communities around them.

In a more interlinked world, systemic shocks are becoming more common and we often found ourselves in a situation where even otherwise profitable companies suffer and struggle to adapt. Every time one of these companies fails, there is a very real impact in terms of money, people and cultural heritage lost.

This is why the NOVAROUND program is born, thanks to the efforts of CDI, Maurizio Prete and several other experts who want to put their time to the help of the country. It is a program whose paramount goal is to support the development of medium companies, to make sure that they can thrive in the long term and react to the more frequent systemic shocks our interconnected world is bound to experience.

The program combines elements of InNOVAtion and turnaROUND, to help the company focus its resources on what it is really good at, while at the same time expanding in other areas outside of its comfort zone.

The program will deliver concrete operational results to the company, while making sure to conduct a proper handover at its end, so that the firm will be able to continue with the new activities on its own.

For more information, please contact us, or download the program presentation, by clicking here (in Italian).