Innotalk: the UN-conference series

Innotalk is a mini series of 4 un-conferences, where CDI alumni from different countries will have the opportunity to meet and discuss different topics towards Innovation.

At each event, there will be three guest speakers, one for each CDI branch. The diversity in terms of seniority, expertise and nationality will help to bring very different perspectives to the table.

We define it as an UN-conference, because after a brief interview with the guest speakers, participants will be split in breakout rooms, where they will have the opportunity to deep dive on the topics and actively discuss with the guest speakers and among them. At the end of the event, all participants will go back to the main session to share if and how their views have changed after the discussion.

The first appointment will be on Thursday 24th June at 20:30 CEST, with the topic ‘Sustainable Transition - European Green New Deal’.

On the leaflet below, you can find the details on the upcoming sessions. You can register to the event by completing this short form.

If you’re not a CDI alumnus, but are interested in participating, please contact us.