Venture Lab

Venture Lab classes started in 2004. Over a period of 5-6 months, Fellows are prepared to think and act as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurial activity is becoming more and more important in large corporations. 

Venture Lab @Collège teaches our Fellows how to act and think like entrepreneurs

The seminar includes an important practical component: scouting "real" new types of technology within the research and innovation ecosystem and then exploring market opportunities. The Fellows are challenged to work on their venture in small teams, expose their business ideas to the market, develop their value propositions for clients and present their business opportunity at the end of the programme.

Venture Lab is taught and hosted by two renowned professors: 

Professor Dietmar HarhoffDirector and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and chairman of the expert committee for innovation that advises the German government

Professor Marc Gruber, Vice President for Innovation at EPFL and full professor at the College of Management of Technology at EPFL where he holds the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization (ENTC). He also established the LMU Entrepreneurship Center and is in close contact with founders & startups.