The Collège as a talent pool

The Collège des Ingénieurs’ model is that of an “Enterprise School”: the young engineers and scientists attend management classes and work in company missions where they gain an understanding of real clients and actions demanded by an increasingly competitive environment.


Collège des Ingénieurs - a hub for science & engineering talent

The Collège des Ingénieurs is a European institution created in 1986 which, every year, selects outstanding young engineers and scientists from European top universities and develops their management skills. The 10-month management programme (MBA) is specially designed to prepare the most talented graduates (Master's and Ph.D. level) for responsible positions in the world of business.

Therefore cooperating with the Collège gives managers the opportunity to benefit from young tech and science minds from the best European universities and Grandes Écoles. Over a period of 10 months, the Fellows of the Collège des Ingénieurs conduct a company mission. The assignment aims at finding real solutions to the problems posed by the company. Thus, our corporate partners benefit from a special talent pool of graduates, selected and educated by the Collège des Ingénieurs.

The win-win? The Fellow demonstrates that he or she is capable of producing beneficial results in the business world and the partner companies get value through the assignment. The company will also be able to meet young talent which could be potentially recruited.

The Fellows of the current class

When recruiting talent, we look for the unusual graduate who combines academic excellence with an entrepreneurial mindset, capable of stimulating real innovation. As a result, the Collège is very selective and admits a small number of applicants for the MBA programme every year. On top, Science & Management candidates are enrolled over a period of three years.

Browse some company missions

Automotive industry

Business models for autonomous driving

Electronics & semiconductors

Product and marketing plan for a new product segment

World-leader industrial electronics

Roll-out additive manufacturing consulting

Chemical & engineering company

Strategy for packaged gases in the European market

Medical and health sector

Digitalization - Development of a Digital Roadmap

Aviation & aeronautics

Sourcing of new production alternatives within Asia-Pacific region

Aviation & aeronautics company

Business development in aviation maintenance business

Medical technology

Product strategy - status quo and future concepts

Tools & machinery business

Artificial intelligence strategy

Electronics & semiconductors

Developing of a digital strategy

Speciality chemicals company

Strategic market opportunities in battery materials

Pharma & chemicals
Planning and organization of an open innovation initiative
Electronics & semiconductors

Business and organizational strategies development

Jan Marc
Energy & renewables

Standardisation and internationalization of service & maintenance processes for wind turbines

Chemicals group

Technology scouting and business development for road marking

Sports cars

Developing driver assistance stystems

Pharma & chemicals

Developing the Merck accelerator program and internal innovation projects

Industrial 3D printing

3D printing: material strategy and masterplan for systems, materials and processes

Sports cars

"Make or buy" traction battery

Tele medicine

Product development of new infusion therapies

Tobias & Julia
Electronics & semiconductors

Development of a strategy framework and annual development planning process for Business Line High Power

What is the company mission?
The content of the mission or assignment is always a business project, even if it includes technical aspects requiring an engineer’s competence. To fulfill the assignment over its 10-month duration, the Fellow will have to implement the methods and theoretical tools he or she has been taught at the Collège des Ingénieurs, and prove that he or she has fully absorbed the "ethos" of a young consultant.
The Fellow will carry out his role by understanding how to engage with the client respectfully and professionally. The Fellow's quality as a "high potential" will be proven by his or her performance and interaction with the partner company. Throughout the assignment, the Collège stands by its Fellows by providing them with technical resources, mentoring and soft skills training. The Collège is their "base camp" while the assignments are the Fellows’ ventures into the business world.
What is the aim of the mission?

The mission or assignment aims at finding real solutions to the problems posed by the partner corporations. The Fellow defines the aim of the assignment with the client, then he or she will manage and be responsible for the realisation of the mission. Assignment phases at the company alternate with the seminars at the Collège des Ingénieurs.

The assignments are located in Europe. The Collège supervises the Fellows during the period of the assignment. Intermediate presentations and reports are also part of the assignement. The admission to the Collège is independent of the assignments proposed by the corporations.

How to coordinate a company mission with the Collège

Twice a year (January and September) you can cooperate with the Collège by offering a 10-month mission within your company. For over 30 years we have been cooperating with the most innovative corporations in Europe.

Interested in offering a company mission and getting to know young engineering and science talents from the best technical universities and Grandes Écoles? Please get in touch:

Torino, Italy: please contact Silvia Petocchi by email.

Munich, Germany: please contact Knut Stannowski by email.

Paris, France: please contact Hélène Feau by email.


Every year, we take CDI assignments. That allows us to see what the Fellow can do in a real life situation. To do that, we have to provide a project that is genuinely interesting and strategic.

François Abrial,
Executive board member, Air Liquide

CDI is a very important European programme, which we are very proud of being associated with. It is definitely an accelerator for a career path. 

John Elkann, Chairman FCA

The Collège offers a dual training for future leaders not only in class but also in business reality. This is an ideal prerequisite for future managers. 

Prof. Thomas Edig, Member of the Executive Board HR, VW Nutzfahrzeuge