Prof. Bernardo Bertoldi

Class @Collège: Boardroom

Professor Bertoldi teaches at the Department of Management at the University of Turin and at ESCP-Europe London and Turin campus; after receiving his PhD (2003) in management and corporate finance, he focuses his research activity in entrepreneurship and family capitalism. In 2007 he attended the EECPCL (European Entrepreneurship Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning) and the CWCD (Case Writing and Course Development Seminar) at Harvard Business School.
He is a member of CIFE-Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises founded by Professor John Davis of Harvard Business School with whom he has been conducting research and writing for years. The academic research and the gained experience have allowed him to support many entrepreneurial families in Europe.  He is a columnist with Il Sole 24 Ore on Family Capitalism and Automotive industry. He is one the founder of 3H Partners, a consulting firm based in Italy, UK, France and USA. He is Vice-president of Club degli Investitori, the first Italian business angel association.