The Collège at a glance

The Collège des Ingénieurs is a European institution based in Paris, Munich and Italy. We offer post-graduate management education for engineers and natural scientists who wish to take their talent one step further.

Qui agit intellegit

The Collège des Ingénieurs is a European institution created in 1986 which, every year, selects outstanding young engineers and scientists from European top universities and develops their management skills. Our education philosophy is genuinely innovative. We believe that there are some things that can only be understood by acting. This is especially true in the case of management.

The management programme (MBA) offered by the Collège des Ingénieurs is innovative in many ways: It is based on a unique development process of learning-through-action. It has been specially designed to prepare engineering and science graduates for most responsible positions in the world of business. Innovation and entrepreneurship are more than part of the curriculum. Every year our fellows work in over 100 missions within tech companies bringing innovation to the market.

During the programme and after, the industry partners are given a privileged access to the Collège´s very selective pool of young talented engineers and scientists. The Collège des Ingénieurs has acquired an enviable reputation for excellence in Europe.

We take science talent one step further

Developing management skills, enabling an entrepreneurial mindset and taking young engineering talent one step further. These are the goals we pursue as a multinational educational institution. When recruiting talent, we look for the unusual graduate who combines academic excellence with an entrepreneurial mindset, capable of stimulating real innovation. This is why the Collège is very selective and admits only 150 participants per year to the MBA programme from among 1,400 applications. 

Once accepted, the MBA programme participants become salaried employees of the Collège des Ingénieurs with a 10-month contract. This gives them free access to the series of intensive seminars and the “junior consultant” assignments within a chosen organization. The salary covers the cost of living.

Learning Through Action: an innovative educational concept

The Collège des Ingénieurs’ model is that of an “Enterprise School”: The young engineers and scientists receive 16 weeks of intense management education, interspersed with 26 weeks of project work within a company. These missions prepare them for the business world, for an understanding of real clients and actions demanded by an increasingly competitive environment. The Collège des Ingénieurs derives 100% of its revenues from the missions. The companies use the Collège des Ingénieurs as an external support and thus to recruit talent.

The Collège des Ingénieurs offers innovative management programmes: the MBA programme and Science & Management for doctoral candidates. Both programmes are based on the unique principle of learning-through-action. 

1 programme, 3 countries

The Collège des Ingénieurs has acquired an enviable reputation for excellence in France and Germany and co-founded the prestigious CDI Italia (Formerly SAFM) which has adopted the same model in Italy. Now, the Collège offers one MBA programme within three countries. The seminars take place at all three locations. The headquarter of the Collège resides in 215 Boulevard St. Germain in the heart of Paris. Since 1996 the German branch opened first in Stuttgart and then moved to Munich. In 2009 the Italian branch was established.