Learning expedition

Since 2000, the Collège has organised 'Learning expeditions' where senior managers from more than 150 different companies have given seminars, talks and demonstrations in over 25 countries.
These expeditions provide the opportunity for the participant to gain a unique insight into the culture and business dynamics of the destination country.

The aim of learning expeditions

Every learning expedition is conceived and organised by the Collège in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Accompany senior managers who are entering top level management
  • Give these managers the necessary management tools
  • Kindle a global vision of their company and worldwide issues
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and develop a network
  • Reinforce the sense of belonging within their company
  • Understand the innovative ecosystem and culture heritage of a region following an M&A

Previous learning expeditions and themes


Belgium (Brussels): Reform of European institutions
Italy: Public and private sector relationships
Central Europe: Sustainable development
England (Cambridge): Science and competitiveness
Central Europe: Central Europe as a business hub


China: Urban dynamics
Singapore and Hong Kong: Platforms for Chinese globalisation
Qatar and UAE (Doha and Abu Dhabi): modernisation of oil-rich monarchies
South Korea: A society of knowledge and IT
Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen): The economic power of the Pearl River
Myanmar and Hong Kong: different links at the gates of China

The Americas

USA (Boston and Washington): Energy Policies
USA (New York): Economic crisis of 2008-2009, strength, weakness and resilience
USA (Seattle and Vancouver): technological centres focused on Asian-Pacific countries
Mexico and Cuba: The Southern border of the USA
USA (Silicon Valley): Thinking different, thinking globally
USA (Detroit and Toronto): Two cities, two side-by-side evolutions towards globalisation
Panama and Cuba: American tensions and temptations


Morocco: Factors for stability, economic and political disruption