Mission and vision

Technology is shifting the business landscape. Therefore leaders must adapt by changing the way they think and act. We believe that engineers and scientists are important driving forces in the future of the business world. They need to be best prepared for the new challenges of the current 'innovation to market' business revolution.

The role of science and technology in business and society has changed - and keeps changing.

Ever since its foundation, the Collège des Ingénieurs has had the mission to make carefully selected young graduate engineers and scientists understand the core economic, entrepreneurial and international issues, but also the challenges and potentials of future business.

Technology is currently shifting the business landscape. As a result new challenges are emerging due to the current 'innovation to market' business revolution.

The Collège prepares it's graduates for these new leadership functions, which requires a strategic understanding of business as well as an entrepreneurial mindset.

Embedded in a European innovation ecosystem, the Collège fulfills this mission by mentoring and challenging its students’ minds with the different perspectives of senior academics and practitioners with leadership backgrounds, and by providing them with a very special – and intense – experience of working on a dedicated company mission in leading corporations in Europe.

The peer group of top European graduates, in one classroom, spending their time and working together in an international context, puts them in a very inspiring environment.

"Qui agit intellegit": Learning through Action

Our educational philosophy is genuinely innovative. We believe that there are some things that can only be understood through action. This concept is especially true in the case of management.

The management programme at the Collège des Ingénieurs is an innovative MBA programme: it is based on a unique development process of Learning through Action. It has been specially designed to take engineering and science graduates from the world’s top universities or Grandes Écoles and prepare them for the most responsible positions in the world of business through practical and conceptual theory. 

The "College" ethos

In terms of educational theory, the "College" concept breaks free from the conventional, rigidly structured, teaching process which constrains participants to a pre-determined academic curriculum.

The College ethos creates a place of freedom, made possible by the quality and small number of participants. A place of hungry minds which requires tolerance, and a range of special expertise: essential ingredients for a fertile environment that will encourage critical but creative individuals. A place of sharing between major decision-makers and young talent.

It is a spirit that drives all the great European Colleges such as the Ecole Normale Supérieure and, of course, Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.

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