Fellows of the Collège des Ingénieurs

Discover more about our Fellows below and also find out what makes every single one of them so special. 

High potential graduates enter the Collège for a merit-based and fully financed management programme

Every year, we select and prepare around 150 young, talented tech students from the best European universities and Grandes Écoles for a career in management. Admission to the Collège is merit-based and for this reason, our programmes are tuition-free. Around 25% of the European engineering & science graduates under 30, who are pursuing an MBA, are at the Collège.

The Fellows of the 37th class

When recruiting talent, we look for the unusual graduate who combines academic excellence with an entrepreneurial mindset, capable of stimulating real innovation. This is why the Collège is very selective in admitting applicants for the MBA  and Science & Management programme. 

Meet some of our fellows

ABI ISSI Johan Sorbonne Université Lettres *
ABRAMIAN Sophie ENS Paris Saclay/Sorbonne Université *
AIT OUAZZOU Amine Insa Rouen/TU Kaiserslautern/University of Hamburg *
ALBRECHT Nico Florian KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Production Engineering and Management
AMATO Beatrice University of Bologna: Automation Engineering
ANTONELLI Alice University of Pisa: Aerospace and astronautical Engineering
BACHMANN Felix TU Braunschweig: Biotechnology - Biochemical Engineering
BAHU Swann Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
BALTEAU Tom ENS Paris Saclay/Ponts
BASSO Gabriele Ca' Foscari University of Venice: Development and Entrepreneurship
BAUER Alissa RWTH Aachen University, Politecnico di Torino: Biology, Environmental Sciences
BAUMGARTNER Tobias TU Munich, IMT Atlantique: Electrical and Computer Engineering
BAYARD Anaïs ENS Paris Saclay/Institut Polytechnique de Paris *
BENHADDA Amina Sorbonne Université *
BERNARDI Mario Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa: Fisica e Nanoscienze *
BEUDERT Matthias TU Munich, University of Würzburg: Molecular Biotechnology *
BICHELMAIER Sebastian TU Wien: Technical Physics *
BIEBERICH Florian University of Heidelberg, ETH Zurich: Molecular Biotechnology *
BLEYMEHL Tobias Saarland University: Computer Science
BORGATO Alessia Politecnico di Milano: Material Engineering and Nanotechnology
BOTTECCHIA Luigi Technical University of Denmark: Sustainable Energy study line in Energy Savings
BOUKENNA Mey University of Bern: Master of Medicine *
BOUNOUA Halil IPEF/ENS Lyon/Ponts ParisTech
BOURDELOUX Constant ESPCI/Mines ParisTech PSL *
BRACCIO Simone CEA Lithen, Savoy Montblanc Grenoble: Ottimizzazione dell'energia e degli ambienti *
BRAGANTINI Andrea Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya: Electrical Engineering *
BRAY Maxime Paris II Assas/Histoire de l'art Sorbonne Université *
BRITTEN Anja University of Lübeck, Medical University of Vienna: Medical Engineering Science *
BRÖMMELHAUS Isabelle TU Munich: Management and Technology
BRÜLLMANN Dominic EPF Lausanne: Materials Science and Engineering
BRUZZESE Stefano University of Torino: Scienze Agrarie e Forestali *
BUCCI Romain ENS Lyon/Institut Curie PSL *
BUONO Lola University of Torino: Medical Biotechnology
BUSCEMI Alessio University of Luxembourg: Dipartimento di Scienze - Scuola dottorale Ingegneria Meccanica / Elettronica *
BUSHATI Ilaria Politecnico di Torino: Science in Mechanical Engineering
CALAKAJ Ylljeta University of Ferrara: Green Economy and Sustainability
CANAVESI Giulia Maria University of Torino: Philosophy
CAPACCIO Federico Politecnico di Milano: Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
CAPIT Nicolas ENS Ulm PhD (PSL)
CAPPELLINI Luca Humanitas - Corso di specializzazione: Radiologia *
CARTER Glen ENS PSL/Sorbonne Université *
CASTRACANE Claudia Politecnico di Milano: Space Engineering
CENTINI Miriam University of Verona: Business Administration
CHENU Alexandre ENSTA Brest/Sorbonne Université *
CHEVREAU Jean-Gabriel CentraleSupélec (Paris Saclay)
CHIERICI Francesco Politecnico di Torino: Biomedical Engineering
CIRTAUTAS Anna-Louisa FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, ETH Zurich: Medical Engineering
CIVIT Pierre Isae-Supaero/Sorbonne Université *
COELHO Olivier ENS Ulm/Université de Lille/LMU *
COTTEN Paul Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
CUZZOCREA Francesco Politecnico di Milano: Civil Engineering (Transportation Infrastructure)
DE BORTOLI Laura Sant’Anna and School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, University of Trento: Innovation Management
DE BRUYNE Benjamin Liège Université/CentraleSupélec/PSL *
DE SIMONE Adriano Politecnic of Napoli Federico II: Ingegneria Informatica
DE STEFANIS Alessandro Politecnico di Torino: Dottorato in gestione, produzione design - gestionale *
DELLOYE Louis Sorbonne Université/ENS *
DI GAETA DI SANT'ANGELO Andrea University of Rome La Sapienza: Civil Engineering - Structural specialization
DOTOU Mazzarine PSL Université/Sorbonne Université *
DOUGDAG Solène Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
DURAND Angélique ENS Lyon
EDELINE Diego Ponts GI
EGGART Daniel (Dr.) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Chemistry *
EITEL Michael Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KU Leuven: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ERBIS Joscha Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology, Technical University of Denmark: Mechanical Engineering
ERIAU Erwan ENS Lyon/Paris Saclay *
ETRI Marc Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Mechanical Engineering
FACELLI Federico Politecnico di Torino: Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering
FAKHRY Marwan Université Libanaise Ing./U. de Strasbourg *
FAUQUE Valentin Sorbonne Université Lettres *
FAUVEL Axel IPEF/X/Mines ParisTech
FELLONI Andrea Politecnico di Milano: Nanostructured Materials Engineering
FENIOU César ENS Paris Saclay/Sorbonne Université *
FERAOUN Yanis Sorbonne Université/Paris Saclay *
FERRARA Fabio University of Rome La Sapienza: Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Production
FILIPPI Matteo Politecnico di Torino: Space Engineering
FINKER Pascal Manuel ETH Zurich: Mechanical Engineering
FIRMANI Chiara University of Pisa: Data Science and Business Informatics
FRANCHINI Stefano Bocconi University: Science in Management
FRANK Judith RWTH Aachen University: Materials Science
FRIEDMAN Leah ENS Ulm PSL/Institut Pasteur PSL *
FROMENT Aurélien Sorbonne Université *
GALL Arman RWTH Aachen University: Automation Engineering
GARIANI Gianluca University of Turin: Scienze per i Beni Culturali/Materials Science
GAUDEAUX Pierre AgroParisTech/PSL *
GEBAUER Richard (Dr.) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Physics *
GELNER Alexander TU Munich: Automotive and Combustion Engine Technology
GERBINO Andrea University of Rome La Sapienza: Mechanical Engineering
GERPOTT Fenja University of Frankfurt, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Molecular Biotechnology *
GILIBERTI Lucas CentraleSupélec (Paris Saclay)
GOERKE Niklas Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Informatics *
GOUTEBROZE Hippolyte ISAE-Supaero/Sciences Po Paris
GRECO Gina University of Pisa: Medical Physics
GROSS Isa-Maria (Dr.) University of Frankfurt, LMU Munich: Cell Biology and Physiology
GRÜNER Marco Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, NTNU Trondheim: Mechanical Engineering
GUILBERT Julien Institut d'Optique/PSL *
GUILLERMIN Natan PhD Mines ParisTech (PSL)
HACHMANN Lara FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg: Mechanical Engineering
HAMELIN Julien Ponts GMM
HANNEKEN Lukas RWTH Aachen University, Aalto University: Computer Science
HANNL Leonard Cedric TU Munich: Development, Production and Management
HASENAUER Benedict Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Chemical Engineering
HAYUNGS Henri RWTH Aachen University: Molecular and Applied Biotechnology
HEID Daniel University of Heidelberg, EMBL: Molecular Biotechnology *
HENNI-TRINH DUC Nicolas Sorbonne Université Lettres *
HEUER Julian University of Münster, Nagoya University, Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung: Chemistry *
HEYDER Constantin RWTH Aachen University: Business Administration and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
HEYN Johannes University of Münster, LMU Munich: Physics *
HINRICHS Torben RWTH Aachen University, Universita degli studi di Padova: Business Administration and Engineering Materials and Process Engineering
HONG Gloria (Dr.) TU Munich, Karlsruhe Institut of Technology: Chemistry *
HUKE Philipp RWTH Aachen University: Mechanical Engineering
HÜMPFER Nadja Freie Universität Berlin: Biochemistry *
HUSEMANN Michael RWTH Aachen University: Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration *
JIANG Claudio University of Bologna: Ingegneria gestionale
KÄRCHER Janik University of Stuttgart: Technical Biology
KECK Philipp Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Mechatronics and Information Technology
KIESEL Raphael RWTH Aachen University, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Business Administration and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering *
KLEINHEINZ Tim TU Munich: Aerospace
KLINGBERG Nadine University of Heidelberg: Molecular Biotechnology
KOFOKOTSIOU Iro Uni. Thessaloniki/Chimie ParisTech (PSL)
KREMER Yannik University of Stuttgart, University of Limerick: Aerospace Engineering
KÜHNER Hannes Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Chemical Biology *
KÜHNER Lucca University of Stuttgart, LMU Munich: Physics *
LAMMERTZ Janik RWTH Aachen University, University of Düsseldorf: Chemistry *
LANDGRAF Tobias TU Munich: Mechanical Engineering and Management
LEBOUCHER Geoffroy Centrale Lyon
LIGNIERES Thomas AgroParisTech (Paris Saclay)/PhD
LIPARI Agnese Politecnico di Torino: Mechanical Engineering
LONGO Marianna University of Pavia: Molecular Biology and Genetics
LOVECCHIO Rossana Sant'Anna (SSSA) and University of Pisa: Bionics Engineering
LYS Clémence Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
MAILLARD Flore AgroParisTech (Paris Saclay)/PhD
MARINELLI Tommaso Politecnico di Milano: Management Engineering - Industrial Management
MARVIS Marie University of Verona: Banking and Finance
MIKHAIL Maria Sorbonne Université *
MILANI Adrien PhD Mines ParisTech (PSL)
MILLOT Théo Sorbonne Université Lettres *
MOSCIATTI Gianmarco Politecnico di Torino: Industrial and Management Engineering
MOULLE Hippolyte Ponts Imperial College/Sorbonne Université *
MOUTAFIS Rhea University of Heidelberg Master/Sorbonne Université *
MUSSINATTO Federico Politecnico di Torino: Electrical Engineering
MUSSO Emanuele Politecnico di Milano: Mechanical Engineering
NAGY Marie Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
NARR Andreas University of Freiburg, University of Heidelberg, DKFZ Heidelberg: Biology - Major Immunology *
NASTRUZZI Anna EPF Lausanne: Mechanical Engineering *
NEGRI Diletta Bocconi University: Organizational and Personnel, HR Management
NGUYEN VIET Dung RWTH Aachen University, Seoul National University: Business Administration and Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering
NICOLÁS LÓPEZ Albert INSA LYON, Chalmers University of Technology: Telecommunications Engineering
NIKKARE Gretta Marija Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology: Energy Systems
OHNESEIT Sebastian Jonas TU Kaiserslautern, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Rouen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Mechanical and Process Engineering, Energy Engineering and Propulsion Technology *
OLBRICH Lorenz Frank ETH Zurich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford: Chemistry *
ORSINI Hélène CentraleSupélec/Paris Saclay *
OTTERBACH Steffen Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Chemistry *
OUCHER Sandra Pharm. D.
PACELLA Francesca Politecnico di Torino: ICT for Smart Societies
PAGANI Aurélia ENSCP PSL M2/Sorbonne Université *
PALMA Vittorio Polytechnic School and Basic Sciences, University of Naples Federico II: Science in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
PANNETIER Benjamin Agro ParisTech (Paris Saclay)
PASQUINI Carlotta University of Turin: Chemistry
PAUER Ole Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Elektro- und Informationstechnik
PIERRI Alessia University of Rome La Sapienza: Chemical Engineering
PINO Paolo Politecnico di Torino: Dipartimento di Chimica *
POVINA Esteban Politecnico di Salerno: Civil Engineering
PRETI Chiara University of Torino: Stochastics and Data Science
PROBST Andreas Pad TU Munich: Computational Science and Engineering
PROVERBIO Daniele University of Luxembourg: Biomedicine and Systems *
PRZYBILLA Moritz Jakob University of Heidelberg, University of Cambridge: Molecular Biotechnology *
PUGLIESE Licia Anna Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa: Nanoscience *
RAGONA Andrea University of Rome: Business and Economics
REPPIN Jannick Leibniz University Hannover: Life Science
ROSSI Alessandro Politecnico di Torino: Energy and Nuclear Engineering - Renewable Energy Systems - LM 30
SADA David Mines ParisTech (PSL)
SALVI GUTIERREZ Brenda Universidad de Palermo - Buenos Aires Argentina: Industrial Design
SANTARELLI Livio University of Rome Tor Vergata: Direzione d'impresa
SARFATI Pierre AgroParisTech Paris Saclay/Université Paris Cité *
SCHIAVON Lorenzo University of Padua: Statistics *
SCHNÜRLE Katrin Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Université Grenoble Alpes, LMU Munich: Physics, Medical physics *
SENARDI Michele Politecnico di Torino: Materials Engineering
SENKYR Madlyn Dorothée TU Dresden: Mathematics
SERVADIO Ilaria University of Rome La Sapienza: Data science
SHEN Xin RWTH Aachen University, Chalmers University of Technology: Business Administration and Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering
SO Jae Hun Sorbonne Université *
SOZZI Giambattista Radar Academy Business school Bari: Sales and Marketing Management
STAUDACHER Melchior Marlon RWTH Aachen University, Aalto University: Product Development Engineering
STEIN Lucas TU Darmstadt: Mechanical and Process Engineering
STÜHMEIER Gerrit KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Production Engineering and Management
TIGGES Tobias KRU Heidelberg/Sorbonne Université *
TONELLI Davide ETH Zurich: Energy Science and Technology *
TRENSE Mehdi Mikael ENS Ulm PhD (PSL)
TSCHERNUTH Florian Siegfried TU Munich: Chemistry *
TURILLI Emily Samuela University of Insubria: Chemistry
VAJNER Daniel Aleksander Freie Universität Berlin, Université Paris Saclay, TU Berlin: Physics *
VIGO Paolo Politecnico di Torino: Mechanical Engineering
VILLIE Antoine Mines ParisTech/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 *
VON DEYN Lars Hendrik Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Mechanical Engineering *
VON KLEIST Henrik TU Munich: Data Engineering and Analytics *
VON WERDER Simon Ole Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Mechanical Engineering
VORBERG Tim University of Heidelberg, DKFZ: Molecular Biotechnology *
WACHENDÖRFER Mattis RWTH Aachen University: General Mechanical Engineering *
WAGNER Ilona Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie: Chemistry *
WEISS Laurin FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management
WINDECKER Susanne TU Munich: Management and Technology
WINKLBAUER Fabian RWTH Aachen University: Production Engineering
ZHANG David Kaihua RWTH Aachen University, Tsinghua University: Materials Science
ZHANG Kevin Kanghua RWTH Aachen University: Computational Engineering Science
ZHANG Yue TU Berlin: Production Engineering
ZOVKO Christina Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Osaka University: Chemistry
ZUR HEIDEN Annkathrin University of Frankfurt, University of Gießen: Medicine